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Server Update #1 New spot! Dungeon2
New server spot Dungeon 2!
Enjoy new spot By ROPKELE

by ADMIN [19 Nov 2019]
Vote Reward System / Webshop Credits
Vote Reward System has been finished!
Get Rewards for VOTES!


Prices have changed since buying credit for the euros.

30 euros = 2500 Credits
50 euros = 5000 Credits
100 euros = 10000 Credits

Have a nice day!

by ADMIN [16 Oct 2019]
Super-Mu Quest System

Super-Mu Quest System has been enabled!
Requirements: 75 resets and 350 level.
Reward: +1000 Credits (Every Quest)

There is a list of active quests in our server:
1. Kill 150 DreadFears (Noria)
2. Kill 140 TwinTails (Noria)
3. Kill 130 Genociders (Noria)
4. Kill 300 Molts (Noria)
5. Kill 100 NightMares (Noria)

6. Kill 80 Water Gods (Atlans)
7. Kill 70 Fire Gods (Tarkan)
8. Kill 60 Ice Gods (Davias)
9. Kill 50 Super-Mu Warriors (Stadium)

Our Monsters location you can find in Super-Mu Client folder.

Good hunting!

by ADMIN [11 Oct 2019]
Noria/Losttower GODS drop has been completed
Dear players,

Noria Monsters (Genocider, Dreadfear, TwinTail, Nightmare, 3x Molts) and Losttower (3x Molts) drop has been completed.
Noria GODS will appear every 3 hours and Molts in Noria and Losttower every 4 hours.

P.S Noria Molts locations you can find in our Super-Mu client folder.

Genocider Monster DROP: all custom no exe guns and shields.
Dreadfear Monster DROP: all custom no exe guns and shields.
Night Mare Monster DROP: Night Mare Sword, Night Mare Staff, Night Mare Shield, Night Mare Set and other no exe items like sets, guns..
TwinTail Monster DROP: Mega Set, Mega Shield, Black Mirror Set, Black Mirror Shield and other no exe custom items.
Molt Monster DROP: All custom no exe guns, shields (Noria and Losttower same). Total Molts on the server - 6

Super-Mu Warrior, Ice GOD, Fire GOD and Water GOD still not completed.
Be patient!

Thanks :)

by ADMIN [05 Oct 2019]
PS Sistemas GameGuard Anti-Cheat
New Anti-Cheat System / PS Sistemas GameGuard has been installed!
No more cheaters like speed hackers on the server.

- Auto unblock automatically when pass ban duration.
- Update of automatic cheats.
- Block player access for minutes, hours, days or months.
- Block the player IP permanently.
- Control how many games the player can open.
- CS Proxy that prevents game access without the system.
- Client file protection by MD5 avoiding modification.
- Protection against graphic speed.

If Super-Mu Client with Launcher update not working, please download the new one from our downloads section.

Thanks for supporting and choosing us!
Have a nice day.

by ADMIN [03 Oct 2019]
Webshop Items/Prices/Spots
Dear Super-Mu players,

If you decide to buy the whole set kit (Set, Wings, Gun, Shield, Juwe) from the Webshop, you can get that cheaper from me personally. Separately if you buy, you will get more expensive all the items.

Дорогие игроки:

Если Вы решили купить полностью ВСЕ!(Крылья,Ювелирку,Сет,Мечи,Щит)
Можете напрямую оброщатся в ПМ(Личку) предусмотрена скидка.
Покупка отдельных предметов только по ценам ВебМагазина.

Добавлены новые споты(респы) на Арене(Стадиум)

Для более слабых игроков(Новичков)
95 115
75 115
50 115
25 115

Для более сильных игроков
65 55
65 30
80 15

Так же были ослаблены Golden (Dragon,Lizard,Tantalos),
С которых падают боксы(Boxes) +3 +4 +5

С уважением администрация сервера

by ADMIN [28 Aug 2019]
Super-Mu Grand Opening: 2019-08-23


Server Website:
Server Version: 97d+99i
Server Experience: 5000x
Server Drop Rate: 80%
Bless Bug: ON
Maximum Level: 350
Stat Points Per Level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7
Max Stats: 32767
Create Guild Level: 351 [You can buy for Credits, use Webshop System / Required Grand Resets: 1 / Credits: 10]
Maximum Members in Guild: 40
Max Item Level: +11+28
Character Delete Minimum Level: 40
Reset Bonus: 1 Credit
Grand Reset FROM: 75 Resets / Costs: 1kkk Zen
Grand Resets Keep Stats: No [Bonus: 2000 Points and +1000 Points more every Grand Reset]
Grand Reset Bonus: [150 Credits +10 more every Grand Reset]
Item duration on the floor: 40 seconds
Item dropped by other players can be picked up after: 30 seconds
Zen duration on the floor: 10 seconds

Clear PK in Our Webshop [Costs: 2 Credits]
Reset Character Stats into Website [Costs: 1kkk Zen]

Maximum +2 OPT from Excellent Items Drop LIKE +1-5 Kundun

Server Events: BC / SkyLand / Lucky Mixes / Golden Invasions

Sky Land: two times per day: 18:00h and 24:00h [GMT+2 Local Time]

Box Of Kundun +1 [Count: 2]
Box Of Kundun +2 [Count: 2]
Box Of Kundun +3 [Count: 2]
Box Of Kundun +4 [Count: 1]
Box Of Kundun +5 [Count: 1]

Required: 50 Resets

Lucky Mixes: Every day at 19:00h for 5 minutes
Lucky Mixes Bonus Success Rate: +5%

New Characters Bonus: 50,000,000 Zen

Success Rates:
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65%
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 80%
Jewel of Life Success Rate: 80%

Item +10 Success Rate: 85%
Item +11 Success Rate: 75%

Wings 1 Level Max Success Rate: 100% / Chaos Dragon Axe+4 opt and 1 Jewel Of Chaos
Wings 2 Level Max Success Rate: 50% / Blue Feather, Jewel of Chaos and EXE Item +4 opt
(Wings combining is bugged and is always 50% doesn't matter if combined on 13% or 90%)

Recommended STATS for all Characters:
BK 32767 32767 32767 32767
SM 32767 19000 32767 32000
MG 32767 26000 32767 32000
ME 32767 32000 32767 32000

Golden Archer Coordinates: 131 127 Lorencia
1 //Blue Feather
2 // Jewel of Life
3 // Jewel of Chaos
1 // Box Of Kundun +5

Required: 5 Stones


Server Commands:
/reset - Quickly Reset Character in Game [Costs: 500kk Zen] Required: 350 level
/grandreset - Quickly GrandReset Character in Game [Required: 75 Resets and 1kkk Zen]
/resetskills - Clear your Character Skills
/marry - Marry in Davias Church 209/16 | 210/16 [Costs: 500kk Zen]
/accept - Accepts when someone offers to marry you
/tracemarry - Trace to your wife / husband (Cooldown: 15 Sec)
/divorce - Removes your marriage
/post - Post a global message [Costs: 20kk Zen] Required: 50 level
/buy - Post a global message [BUY ITEMS] [Costs: 50kk Zen] Required: 50 level
/sell - Post a global message [SELL ITEMS] [Costs: 50kk Zen] Required: 50 level
/charinfo - Shows your resets, grand resets and marry status
/exit - Exit from the game (force disconnect)
/time - Shows server current time
/clearinventory - Deletes all items in inventory, without equipped items [Costs: 500kk Zen]
/party - join to party
/guild join a guild
/addstr - To add Strenght in Game (Example: /addstr 100)
/addagi - To add Agility in Game (Example: /addagi 100)
/addvit - To add Vitality in Game (Example: /addvit 100)
/addene - To add Energy in Game (Example: /addene 100)
/war - Request a war with a guild
/soccer - Request a soccer with a guild
/re (on/off) - Toggles requests for deals, party and trade on and off
/ping - Shows your current ping to the server
/online - Shows currently online players and game masters
/vault - [1,2,3] Increase your vault space..

Server /move Commands: Cost: 50,000,000 Zen
/move l or /move lorencia - Lorencia Map from 50 level
/move s or /move stadium - Stadium/Arena Map from 50 level
/move d or /move davias - Davias Map from 50 level
/move d2 or /move davias2 - Davias Castle 25 25 from 50 level
/move d3 or /move davias3 - Davias Castle 225 225 from 50 level
/move n or /move noria - Noria Map from 50 level
/move dungeon - Dungeon Map from 50 level
/move dungeon2 - Dungeon Map from 60 level
/move dungeon3 - Dungeon Map from 60 level
/move a or /move atlans - Atlans Map
/move a2 or /move atlans2 - Atlans Map 2
/move a3 or /move atlans3 - Atlans Map 3
/move losttower 2,3,4,5,6 - Losttower Maps (2-6) from 100 level
/move lt7 or /move losttower7 - Losttower7 Map from 120 level
/move t or /move tarkan - Tarkan Map from 140 level
/move t2 or /move tarkan2 - Tarkan Map 2 from 150 level
/move i or /move icarus - Icarus Map from 180 level
/move i2 or /move icarus2 - Icarus Map 2 from 200 level

Custom /move Commands:
/move bar - Lorencia Bar 125 125 koordinates from 50 level
/move dc - Davias Castle 25 25

Our Discord:
Our Facebook:

by ADMIN [19 Aug 2019]

Super-Mu Lankomumo Skaitliukas

Server Info
Server Name: Super-Mu
Server Version: 97d+99i+All
Experience: 5000x
Drop Rate: 80%
Reset Level: 350
Points Per Level: 5/7
Points After Reset: Yes
Bless Bug: ON
Total Accounts: 1178
Total Characters: 1646
Total Guilds: 15
Online Accounts: 3
Server Status:
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